I saw your post asking people to weigh in. By the time I saw it there were so many comments I just thought why bother.

Well now I am weighing in on a couple of topics. Not that I think my opinion matters in the least but hey you do allow me to post here so it's your fault.

It's down there

First let me say that the standards you set seem to be common sense and are pretty much the guidelines drawn at DK3 with a few exceptions, the DBAD rule comes to mind but hasn't that always been the case in reality.

First I would point to rule #1 Inappropriate Hiderates and Uprates; You need to tune up the bot or put more eyes on the actual happenings because as much as we love technology the abuse is there for all to see. I would suggest mostly on the uprate side of the equation.

Next I would like to point to rule #7 Threadjacking; In my opinion that has a certain meaning and Hijacking another neither of which is being addressed.

My definitions:

Threadjacking~ Replying to a comment in the comment section of a Post to distract from the issues addressed with no intent other than to disrupt discussion.

Hijacking~ Making a stand alone comment at or near the top of the comment section with no intention of arguing the facts. With the express intent of derailing any cogent conversation.

i would add here that Armando's post made a statement that seems to have been lost on the less informed "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence". I always took that as a standing rule but obviously it needs to be reiterated to so everyone accepts the fact.

These are two entirely different approaches, and granted they are interchangeable at times when used by repeat offenders of each they should be noted as such. It's on display daily and not hard  to find and should be sanctioned accordingly.

Now the KosBot

You know that it is ripe for gaming right?

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