For those of you that did not figure out the terrorism hooplah was nothing more than propaganda to allow laws once held sacrosanct to be tossed aside by the time people were being told to go out and purchase duct tape and plastic sheeting.

Amnesty International would like to point out to you at this time that the seizure of a journalist's family member and interrogation based only on what that journalist is working on is not anything like looking for terrorists.

But it is a way to show how the security over reach is nothing more than theatrics to bamboozle a gullible public.

"David's detention was unlawful and inexcusable. He was detained under a law that violates any principle of fairness and his detention shows how the law can be abused for petty, vindictive reasons."...
But, but, but terror! No not in the least were the British officers interested in terror at all. Just taking the opportunity to jack up someone's family. They even called Greenwald, refused to give a name but a number. Told him they had his significant other and refused to allow Greenwald to speak to his significant other.
...He added: "But they obviously had zero suspicion that David was associated with a terrorist organisation or involved in any terrorist plot. Instead, they spent their time interrogating him about the NSA reporting which Laura Poitras, the Guardian and I are doing, as well the content of the electronic products he was carrying."...
Why did Amnesty International see this as a problem as well as many that are keeping an eye on the watchers?
..."States cannot pass anti-terror acts and claim they are necessary to protect people from harm and then use them to retaliate against someone exercising his rights. By targeting Miranda and Greenwald, the government is also sending a message to other journalists that if they maintain their independence and report critically about governments, they too may be targeted."
Because just like the Stanford Experiment unchecked power corrupts.
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