I drove by a treehouse with a sign saying “Girls Allowed.” I'm curious to see how the treehouse community handles this paradigm shift.

New study reports that scientists have discovered a way to simultaneously check and wreck oneself, bringing an end to decades of confusion.

I wish I had a guard bear. Nobody would think of robbing you unless they had a robbing bear to fight your guard bear.

Turns out Area 51 is just a giant warehouse holding 8 billion tinfoil hats.

Love is essentially an addiction to another person, and science has taught us that addiction is never a good thing.

Jesus: I’m you?
God: Yes.
Jesus: But I'm looking at you.
God: I am looking back.
Jesus: At yourself…
God: Yes.
Jesus: You might be an idiot.
Don't just envy the successful. Think, "how can I grow into that life?" Form a plan; cut off their face; wear it as your own; live the life.

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Trust yourself. Be yourself. Go fuck yourself.

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