It's been a while since we've had an RKBA: Open Thread. Apologies, I've been busy.

Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a DKos group of second amendment supporters who have progressive and liberal values. We don't think that being a liberal means one has to be anti-gun. Some of us are extreme in our second amendment views (no licensing, no restrictions on small arms) and some of us are more moderate (licensing, restrictions on small arms.) Moderate or extreme or somewhere in between, we hold one common belief: more gun control equals lost elections.  We don't want a repeat of 1994. We are an inclusive group: if you see the Second Amendment as safeguarding our right to keep and bear arms individually, then come join us in our conversation. If you are against the right to keep and bear arms, come join our conversation. We look forward to seeing you, as long as you engage in a civil discussion.  

Some legislative news you might have missed.

New Jersey:


Just last week, the Governor signed 10 common sense gun-related bills passed by the Democratic legislature into law, fulfilling his promise to work across the aisle to keep the state safer: http://nj.gov/...

Governor Christie enforces the existing gun laws already on the books here in New Jersey, which according to the Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence, already rank as the second-toughest in the country. These restrictions include an assault weapons ban, a seven-day waiting period and the third-strictest magazine capacities in the country. New Jersey’s existing gun laws also already include tough, thorough background checks. When a person applies for a firearms purchaser ID card which is mandated for any long gun or a handgun purchase permit, an extensive and thorough background investigation is already required.   At the time of the firearm purchase, an instant background check is also performed. In fact, New Jersey’s current background checks are stronger than the hotly-contested Toomey-Manchin legislation that made headlines last spring.

In April, the Governor put forward his own plan to responsibly expand our tough gun laws in three key components: http://nj.gov/...


Starting immediately, gun owners whose weapons are lost or stolen will have 72 hours to notify police. And beginning Jan. 1, individual gun owners will have to contact the Illinois State Police before selling a weapon or transferring ownership to ensure that the purchaser is allowed to have a gun.

Quinn said the legislation closes a loophole in the state's gun laws, which previously required gun show merchants and licensed firearms dealers — but not private sellers — to check that the customer had a valid firearm owner's identification card. Under the new law, private sellers must contact state police, who will then search records and determine the prospective buyer's eligibility.

Any Illinois gun owners out there? I thought you needed a FOID for even private sales.



Armslist.com isn’t liable for the brutal murder of an Illinois woman shot to death by a man who used the online firearms marketplace to make an illegal gun purchase, a federal judge ruled this week.

The lawsuit was brought by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence on behalf of the brother of Jitka Vesel, a 36-year-old immigrant shot and killed in 2011 by a Russian immigrant living in Canada. Gun-control advocates said the legal challenge was the first of its kind.

U.S. District Judge Charles Norgle of Illinois dismissed the wrongful death claim this week, concluding that Armslist can’t be held responsible for the criminal conduct of its users.

“The Court finds that Defendant owes no duty to the general public to operate its website to control private individual users’ sale of handguns,” the judge wrote.

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