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Welcome to the first of what is to be a weekly Tuesday open thread for policy discussions by DK Elections regulars. While the main Daily Kos Elections blog, an official subsite of Daily Kos, is strictly a policy free zone for discussions of politics and elections only, it can sometimes be hard not to bring up policy issues when talking about particular candidates or topics. In addition, some of us might like to have a thoughtful discussion with other regular commenters at DKE on issues of policy when most of what we usually talk about pertains to elections. Thus, this open thread and the new group blog Daily Kos Elections: Policy will provide a forum to talk about issues without derailing DKE Live Digests for those who just want election coverage and debate. Feel free to follow this group and if you would like to publish a diary to the group blog page, just PM me about becoming a contributor.

The only rule is to be nice and otherwise abide by all other Daily Kos rules. If you want to discuss a topic has been the source of repeated inflamed discussion previously at DKE, such as the positions/ideology of Cory Booker (or Colleen Hanabusa, etc), please take extra care to make sure that it stays respectful and thoughtfully argued.

As far as formatting, these threads will largely appear like the regular DKE weekend threads, except on Tuesdays. If a new issue suddenly springs to the forefront of public policy discussions like gun control did last winter, there will be a new thread, but otherwise it will be just one a week. Again though, if you want to publish a diary to the group blog so it will appear on the DKE: Policy page, just ask me about becoming a contributor.

So what issues are you interested in talking about?

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