I am super excited to write this because this will be officially be my first 2016 Pennsylvania U.S. Senate diary.  Received this e-mail today from former Congressman and decorated Admiral Joe Sestak (D. PA) who is seeking a rematch against Tea Party Senator Pat Toomey (R. PA):
This month, Senator Toomey sponsored Senators Rand Paul and Tom Coburn’s legislation that ends the Constitutional basis for Medicare and Medicaid, our anti-discrimination and price-fixing laws, labor standards and initially the Affordable Care Act, among other statutes.
The Senators’ “Enumerated Powers Act”1 replaces centuries of the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Constitution’s Commerce Clause with their own opinion – for the Senators’ own end-purposes:
I disagree with our incumbent Senator Toomey:  if our laws need fixing, fix them -- but a Senator should not replace the Supreme Court with Congress as the interpreter of the Constitution.

Please contribute $20 or more today to “Friends of Joe Sestak.”  We need a Senator who understands that the Constitution established the Supreme Court -- not Congress -- to interpret the statutes that Congress legislates.



Joe Sestak

You can click here to donate to Friends of Joe Sestak and help give Joe an early start:

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