Wow. First off let me get up to speed. In July I wrote my first Daily Kos article. That was almost a month ago. It was titled "In the scheme of things, what really matters?" Life happened and I got busy and I never checked back in until today the 20th of August. When I checked in today I found in red letters from the Daily Kos a statement that my article was flagged for racial slurs and that I had to promise that I wouldn't do it again. I couldn't log back on until I checked a box to acknowledged this. I was a little shocked because the racial slurs were for context and not for name calling purposes but OK maybe the Daily Kos has a no tolerance policy. When I logged back in there were 36 replies. All were critical and not one was positive. Perhaps the article did not meet the expectations of this venue or at least some of those perusing the pages. It was alluded to by some of the responders that I was a jackass, on drugs, self righteous and several other names. Just to defend my character, not one of those names are true of me. It was also pointed out that I used a capital V in the word vagina. I think vagina's are very important that's why it was capitalized. Hope I don't get flagged for that. In any case Vagina was not really capitalized on purpose. Just a typo. Anybody ever had that happen? Yes the article had lots of slurs in it and no they were not there just so I could get my kicks out of writing them as some have stated. Some of the criticisms concerned the flow of the article and what was it about. At the core of the original articles meaning is that there are those in the world who benefit from the divisions of the people. Whether we are divided by race, religion, life styles or whatever there are those in the wings that will take advantage of us. Maybe some of my critics can reread my article with the following in mind. I'm not a professor. I'm not an author. I don't have a masters degree. Simply put, I'm a former factory worker of over thirty years that has put hundreds of miles on my feet on cement floors. I have witnessed firsthand the devastation of our divisions. So if my flow doesn't meet your expectations sorry. However I will not apologize for my opinion.


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