This Silverstein guy is just another liberal who wants to go after me because of Google's support for me.  Wake me up when I got a real opponent.
In my previous July 25th article on the race between Republican U.S. Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) and Democratic candidate Matt Silverstein, I announced this race to the Kos community.  Since then, the diary has received 149 Facebook "Likes" and 7 Tweets.  Apparently word of mouth has spread on Silverstein's U.S. Senate campaign but it remains to be seen what will happen in the coming months.


After this diary, I wasted no time in pointing out to everyone that the Inhofe (aka Ringer Leader of Climate Change Deniers) recently out raised Silverstein by over $600,000 in Q2.


Well, now Matt Silverstein is revealing new information about himself and his candidacy in an article by Andrew Griffin at Red Dirt Report.


If elected, this would be Inhofe’s fourth term and the daredevil airplane pilot from Tulsa would turn 80 at the start of that term in 2015. It would be the first time Oklahoma had a senator representing them at such an advanced age.

However, in coming months, a young, fresh and idealistic Democratic challenger, Matt Silverstein, will be increasingly highlighting the senior senator’s numerous flaws and missteps while explaining to Oklahoma voters why he is the best candidate to supplant the man he refers to as a “belligerent spender” and “career politician.”

Earlier this week, Silverstein, 32, was in Oklahoma City where he met with Scott J. Hamilton, executive director of the Cimarron Alliance, an LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) advocacy organization.

Although we don't know where Silverstein stands on most issues, it wouldn't be difficult to point out that he's NO Blue Dog Democrat by any means and won't relent when it comes to fighting for gay & lesbian rights:

In addition, it appears Silverstein's starting to get momentum in his campaign as he communicates his message across Oklahoma.


So far, Silverstein has having raised over $130,000 and those numbers continue to rise as he spreads his message. And Silverstein’s broad base of support, so far, includes urban professionals (medical and attorneys), the Jewish community, the LGBT community and the energy sector – among others.

Talking with Hamilton, Silverstein expressed his firm support of marriage equality for gays and lesbians.

I will not be on the wrong side of the civil-rights issue of the day and that is marriage equality,” he said.

Here's some general information on Matt Silverstein's background:


Silverstein got his start in the insurance and financial industry when he sold the truck his parents had bought for him in high school. His success in that sector of the economy, while gauging the current environment of wasteful spending in D.C., as embraced by his incumbent Republican opponent, has helped prepare Silverstein for the political path he currently finds himself on.

Silverstein – married and with a two-year-old daughter -  has deep Oklahoma roots – his grandmother was full Choctaw and he is graduate of the Jenks public school system.

Now I have no confirmation that Matt Silverstein is progressive or where he stands on all the issues important to Kossacks but so far, from what this article states, he's not just "some guy."  As Red Dirt Report points out, Silverstein has raised over $130,000, which is pretty good for this early in the campaign cycle and for a Democrat in a red state like Oklahoma.

And like I've said in my first diary on the U.S. Senate race in Oklahoma, why not support Matt Silverstein's candidacy?


1)  He's not James Inhofe
2)  He's not James Inhofe
3)  He's not James Inhofe

At some point, Silverstein's website will be revamped and updated with new information, pictures and where he stands on the issues.

For the meantime, let's start giving Silverstein some support and fire up the Democratic base in Oklahoma:

Matt Silverstein for U.S. Senate:  http://www.mattforoklahoma.com/

Donate:  https://secure.mattforoklahoma.com/...

Sign Up for Updates:  http://action.mattforoklahoma.com/...

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