Tonight John hosts Sen. Rand Paul from 8/12, with Neal Thompson from 8/5 Thursday.

Steven will have Colum McCann from 8/8, and Robin Thicke from 8/6 on Thursday.

Of the pieces on offer tonight I liked Hollywood Heros (Part One and Part Two) the best.

Posting on dK is a bore and a chore for many reasons, some more meta than others.  That I feel this way is no surprise to kos or any of the other Admins as I've made my objections known since way back in the days when he put forth his misbegotten (and since dropped) one diary a day rule.

Some of my fiercest objections are on the basis of presentation.  I think dK orange, black, and gray is the ugliest color scheme I've ever seen on a blog and I've seen a lot of them.

There used to be a time when with a little cobbled together HTML (and I'm no expert, I'm entirely self taught based on internet tutorials and using the code examine feature of my browser) you could turn out a product that didn't suck.

Now however the simplest things like ordered and unordered lists don't work and good luck if you want to control the width of a table.  The removal of these tweaks is invariably excused by the bald assertion that they are 'vectors for exploits' though no links are ever provided to support that.

And how can any 'exploit' be more dangerous than a simple malicious link?  Can you imagine dK without links?

In short it's sacrificing essential liberty for the temporary illusion of safety writ small, but in kind it's no different from the NSA's insistence that they need to spy on everybody to keep us free from a threat rarer than a bathroom slip and fall.

The proposed solution to this is even more restriction by eliminating HTML entirely and making dK a Black Hole of content that can neither be imported nor exported using the industry standard language.

Way to go guys.  Hope that business model works out for you.  Maybe if you have more advertiser sponsored uncommentable content.

I have long since given up thinking I have any influence over this situation and continue posting simply out of self interest, perversity, and sentiment.  That's why I volunteer to maintain this series during the off times.

Next week I want to share some of the exclusive web content that Jon and Stephen post during preemption periods.  You'll not be able to see it unless you click thought to the pieces I will put on my Soapblox sites or the Comedy Central originals.

I will say that right now Soapblox is an infinitely superior platform to this kludge-fest of 600+ error riddled and slow loading Java scripts (exploits any one?).

Why, look at what you can do-

The Stars Hollow Gazette/DocuDharma Digest

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* Framing the Guilty by: ek hornbeck
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* Citizen Bezos by: ek hornbeck
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The Stars Hollow Gazette

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* On This Day In History August 21 by: TheMomCat
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As always, volunteers gratefully accepted.

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