even if it wasn't entirely your fault...

I'm in Goleta, CA. UC Santa Barbara has a bunch of workshops and conferences going on right now. The dormitory I'm housed in is less than 2 min walk from the beach.

Really nice to come back to California to enjoy weather and all. I have nostalgia for running up and down beaches because I'm lame like that.

It's my fourth day here and after the workshop is over, I eat dinner and head straight for the beach in flip flops... like I have been doing since I got here.

Except tonight, I come back to take a shower after being on the beach and I realize there is some brown schmutz on my left foot.

I thought I stepped on shit. People do take their dogs to the beach and not pick up the doodoo.

But no... soap and my nails can't take it out. I got some on my nails and thought if it was shit, it would wash off. Might it be some kind of petroleum crap?

It was. Now how do I get it out? ... onward to google.

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