E-cig is one of the marvelous inventions. It is also called as electronic or electric cigarettes. These are automatic chargeable devices. It offers the costumer with sufficient amount of doses of nicotine and non nicotine solution in vaporized form. In E cigarettes liquid propylene glycol is vaporized with the help of atomizer and battery and then this flavored vapor is inhaled by the user. In last few years e cigarettes have gained a lot of attention worldwide. So many people are quitting their tobacco habits and switching towards this amazing device. Electronic cigarettes come with a rechargeable battery source. These cigarettes are classified as the better alternative for heavy smokers since these are harmless and smoke free.

Electronic cigarettes look exactly like a normal cigarette, cigar or like a smoking pipe and are available in so many flavors like: strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, menthol and tobacco etc. The best thing about these cigarettes is that these are smoke free without combustion process develops when any person inhales it. Only a flavored liquid vapor is inhaled by the user. There are not so much difficulties to carry this device. A person can carry them very easily and can take them anywhere. These cigarettes are also legal in public places. These cigarettes look same as like genuine ones in design. There are few special designs also available of e cigarettes. One of them, pen style e cigarette is very famous, because it is very easy to carry. They are named so because they look like a ball pen. E cigarettes are come in both forms: Refillable and Non-refillable. In refillable e cigarettes, an e cigarette can be refilled again and again with flavored nicotine liquid and these refills are also called as reusable refills cigarettes. In non refillable e cigarette refills are thrown away when once used. They can’t be reused and refilled again.

E cigarette was invented in china 10 years back in the year of 2003, but they grabbed attention a bit gradually. Today they have almost launched in every country and People of every country are looking it as an alternating of tobacco cigarettes. No doubts, electronic cigarettes proved to be a boon to chain smokers. Through electronic cigarettes devices, one can inhale nicotine in the flavored vaporized solution form along with the propylene glycol. These devices don’t have toxic like tobacco cigarettes. The best technology is employed in developing electronic cigarettes of modern design. Battery of e cigarette have a flow sensor plus a LED, an additional battery also come with e cigarettes.

Now a day’s due to their popularity e cigarettes have also become symbol of gift. People are presenting e cigarette as gift on occasions like: Birthday and Christmas. People who are addicted to smoking then it could be a perfect gift to present to them.

So the conclusion is that e cigarettes are Smoke Relief devices which are a healthier and better option of tobacco cigarettes. Many lives can be saving with the use of these devices.

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