Many others, beckoned by images of a better life broadcast from television stations based here in northern Iraq, came in search of jobs or electricity, even just a cold drink of water.

“There is no bread,” said one young man.

“There is no water,” said another.

Traversing a meandering pathway across Syria’s eastern frontier to a makeshift camp on a desert hilltop here, tens of thousands of Syrian Kurds have fled to northern Iraq in recent days, one of the largest movements of refugees since the conflict in Syria began more than two years ago, according to the United Nations.

Syrian Kurds Find More Than a Refuge in Northern Iraq
by Tim Arango, NYTimes.com -- August 23, 2013

Since last week, nearly 40,000 more Syrian Kurds have come to northern Iraq, bringing the total in the area close to 200,000.

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There's got to be a better way to "find freedom" in a just world

-- besides having to find "freedom on the march" ...

Then again, who ever said either were possible, let alone guaranteed?

Freedom or Justice?  ... in a world such as ours.

Especially when lines in the sand are little more than temporary markers,
in a constantly shifting sea of "national security priorities."

If only the Geneva Convention weren't such a quaint "suggestion" ... eh?

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