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A while back I took a “Fine Tune Your Piecing” class from Heart to Heart Quilt Shop near Birmingham, AL.  The class was great and I learned several valuable techniques.  The one I’m sharing today enables you to get perfect points/intersections on your Quarter Square Triangles (QSTs) every time.  

The base technique is as demonstrated in this Missouri Star Quilt Co. video.  Although instead of ironing a crease and sewing a quarter inch on each side you use a ruler and draw the quarter inch sew lines.  About 75% of the time they turn out fine.  But the other 25% of the time my points/intersections are off, like this:

bad intersections  

The trick to getting perfect points/intersections every time is in how you draw your second set of sewing lines.  The sewing lines need to be perpendicular to your seam.


 Note the yellow tape on the ruler: it’s on a horizontal line on the ruler, and is on top of the seam.  Your line may end up more than a quarter inch from the points, no biggie.  You’re squares are oversized so you can trim down to the exact size anyways.  And this is what you end up with every time:

good intersections

What piecing tricks do you like?

And as always, share with us what you've been working on.


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