I’m surprised but I didn’t a story on this. Twenty-five (25) African Americans were denied service in a Charleston, SC restaurant (Wild Wings) because a white customer said they scared him.

I went to the Wild Wings web page and found a Wild Wings restaurant in Charleston and called them. The manager was very polite. He told me that it was not his restaurant - there are 4 in Charleston. He seemed genuinely upset and said corporate had instructed all employees to say nothing about this. Corporate is panicked and trying to control this.

He then gave me the corporate phone number that is handling the “situation.” That number is 843-216-7601. I called and got a recording. The line will not open until 8:30 EDT on Monday morning.

It might be a good idea if one or two of us call to find out that is going on.

That number again is 843-216-7601. And the phone line is open at 8:30 EDT on Monday.

Originally posted to SocioSam on Sat Aug 24, 2013 at 02:44 PM PDT.

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