Welcome to Sunday All Day Brunch. This is an open topic thread so help yourself to the goodies and sit a spell and let us know what is new with you. My little black cat Pixie loves to help me. Now the dictionary defines help as giving assistance. I’m not sure Pixie quite has that concept down. Her idea of help and my idea of help don’t exactly mesh.

On Saturday I do the laundry. I start by changing the sheets on the bed. For some reason Pixie thinks helping with the bed is to “artistically” rearrange the sheet that I had just got pulled up and straightened either that or to sit right where I am trying to pull up the blanket.

I have been trying to knit a scarf to give as a gift. Pixie has been helping me which is the main reason that I am unknitting as much as I am knitting. She helps by pulling the needle out of my hands which of course makes the yarn fall off.

Pixie also likes to help with the litter box. I scoop it every morning and sweep up the litter from the floor. She will immediately go even if she has to squeeze out a couple of drops and scatter more litter on the floor.

Pixie is the most “help” when I am trying to wrap packages. You can always tell my packages at Christmas. They are the ones with kitty teeth marks on the ribbon.

We can't forget her help in making jewelry. She tugs at the string, bats the beads, takes off with bead I need at the moment, and generally is a nuisance.

Of course when you are as cute as she is you get away with “helping.”

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