He went into a neighbors garage yesterday to hide and the owner's granddaughters have been loving on him. Gf was on her way home and saw him walking with the girls down the street.

Thank you all SO MUCH for being with me the last few hours. He seems to miss the girls, but I'm glad that my intuition was right. He has just been hanging out with kids :-)

I am going to take a much needed nap with him now. I didn't sleep last night and my stomach is still in knots over this whole ordeal, but I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate all your kind thoughts.

My dog ran away last night. He gets really scared when it storms and just starts running if he's able to. I don't know how he got out of the house, he somehow managed to open the back screen door and knock down the gate off the patio.

I've taken a few drives around the neighborhood calling for him but it's still kind of stormy so I'm scared he's still running. My girlfriend is out of town and my foot is still broken so I feel helpless. I've left a couple messages with the local animal shelter but have not heard back.

All I can do is sit here and worry about him. He's been gone since yesterday afternoon (?) and I am literally sick to my stomach. I'm trying to stay positive but I don't know what else to do, and until my gf gets home I can't do anything except worry and puke. I've been pacing the house and obsessively cleaning to keep my thoughts away from myself, but now my foot hurts even worse and I can't walk anymore.

I don't know what kind of help I need. I just don't know what to do right now and I need some positive thoughts and vibes. I can't handle the thought of something happening to my four-legged son and I know right now he is probably so scared.

This is what he usually does when he is scared. The only time he will get in the bath

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