Does anyone give a flying XXXX?

There isn't much of "women's equality" in the world today.

Take a look at all the icky situations in the world today. The world, most assuredly, IS NOT RUN BY WOMEN.

Take a look at Syria. Bob Dreyfus of the Nation has something to say about Syria and the apparent use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government against its own people::

That doesn’t mean that the United States ought to do nothing. The horrific incident, reported in detail by Doctors Without Borders, demands action. But the proper response by the United States is an all-out effort to achieve a ceasefire in the Syrian civil war. It’s late in the game but it can be done. The first step would be for Washington to put intense pressure on Saudi Arabia, the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, and Turkey, to halt the flow of weapons to the Syrian rebels, while simultaneously getting Russia and Iran to do the same. A concerted, worldwide diplomatic effort along those lines could work, but there’s zero evidence that President Obama has even thought of that.
Syria, Saudi Arabia, the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, Turkey, Russia, Iran?

Hell! They are all run exclusively by men. And women have no voices in all of those nations. Talking to these nations about Syria will do diddly squat.

As a matter of fact, even the U.S. is almost exclusively ruled by men. And we are all in in a whole world of stupid.

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