Here's one of those stories that fell through the cracks and deserves a little attention:


If Texas’ senior senator, John Cornyn, was hoping for an endorsement from Texas’ junior senator, Ted Cruz, he can forget it.

Cruz said Friday afternoon he’s staying neutral as Cornyn seeks re-election next year.

“Sen. Cornyn is a good man. He is a friend. He and I have worked side by side on a great many issues fighting for Texas, fighting for conservative principles,” he said when asked about Cornyn’s campaign at a New Hampshire GOP fund-raiser. “It is likely that I am going to stay out of incumbent primaries across the country, either supporting incumbents or opposing incumbents.”

Cruz, 42, is a tea party favorite who toppled the establishment candidate, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, in a hotly contested GOP Senate primary last year. Cornyn remained neutral in that race for an open seat, as did many statewide Republican officials. - The Dallas Morning News, 8/23/13

Why is Cruz choosing not to endorse his colleague who has happily embraced Cruz's Tea Party mentality?  We'll let Cruz explain:


“The reason is simple,” Cruz explained after declining to endorse Senate Minority Whip John Cornyn (R-Tex.) or any other incumbent. “I think every elected official, including me, owes it to the people, owes it the grass roots, to go and make the case to the grass roots why he or she is representing their interests.”

Cornyn has not drawn any top conservative challengers, but his inner circle is taking the threat of a strong primary challenge seriously. Cornyn responded that he agrees with Cruz that “the only endorsements that matter are those of the Texas voters.” But Cruz’s reluctance to back his colleague threatens to harden the conservative resistance Cornyn has encountered.

Even beyond Texas, Cruz’s silence could embolden conservative activists and groups that boosted him to an unlikely 2012 win to press on against GOP incumbents. In Kentucky, the Club For Growth and the Senate Conservatives Fund, two groups that supported Cruz, are considering whether to back the primary challenger of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. A handful of other Senate incumbents are also facing some pressure from the political right.

“It’s going to alienate many current senators and establishment Republicans,” Rice University political scientist Mark Jones said of Cruz’s posture. “But I think he’s already decided that bridge is burnt and he’s not going to try to reconstruct it.” - Washington Post, 8/24/13

Cornyn has yet to draw a serious primary challenger.  Of course the Tea Party's wet dream is for infamous idiot Congressman Louie Gohmert (R. TX) to step up to the plate but Gohmert has stated he has no interest in challenging Cornyn.  But why is Cruz refusing to help his colleague win next year?  This might explain why:


Cruz’s unwillingness to endorse Cornyn is about one person: Cruz.  The freshman Senator has made clear during his brief time in the Senate that he has little interest in going along to get along or any desire to climb the leadership ladder.  In case you missed that point, Cruz’s trip to Iowa last weekend and to New Hampshire this past Friday — when he made the Cornyn comments — are an obvious tell: Cruz wants to run for president in 2016.

And, in order to best position himself as a true outsider in that race — a posture that has drawn him raucously positive receptions in his early presidential state tour thus far — Cruz and his political people know that he has to stay away from endorsing any incumbents, especially ones like Cornyn who are members of the party leadership.

No one should be surprised that politicians are acting political. It’s what they do, after all. But Cruz’s non-endorsement of Cornyn tells you that the freshman senator’s gaze is well beyond the Senate. - Washington Post, 8/27/13

Looks like Cornyn's Tea Party ass kissing was all for nothing.  To get the shaft from the Tea Party's golden boy is pretty brutal.  Of course Cornyn's playing it cool for the press:
“Senator Cruz has been a great addition to the US Senate and I have enjoyed working with him, fighting for Texas and conservative principles,” he said through an aide, told of Cruz’s comments. “He and I agree that the only endorsements that matter are those of the Texas voters and I look forward to earning their vote in 2014.” - Dallas Morning News, 8/23/13
Texas is on the verge of going into the Toss Up category with the changing demographics.  I know everyone is focused on next year's Governor's race, especially if State Senator Wendy Davis (D. TX) jumps in, but this race is worth watching.  I hope it attracts a big name Democrat who can give Cornyn a serious fight.  I'm looking at you former Houston Mayor and 2010 Gubernatorial candidate Bill White (D. TX).  But if you want to get involved with the Texas Democratic Party, you can do so here:


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