PPP has some good news for us today from Maine:


Mike Michaud is the new leader in the Maine Governor's race, benefiting from the continued unpopularity of incumbent Paul LePage and declining support for independent Eliot Cutler over the last seven months. Michaud is at 39% to 35% for LePage and 18% for Cutler.
LePage's position is pretty much unchanged from our last poll of Maine in January. He was at 34% then and he's at 35% now. His approval rating was a 39/55 spread then, and it's a 39/56 spread now.
Where there's been a pretty big shift is the positions of Michaud and Cutler. Cutler has dropped 8 points from 26% in the winter to 18% now and Michaud's been the beneficiary, going from 30% then to 39% now. Michaud continues to be easily the most popular candidate in the race with a 53/30 favorability rating, while Cutler has dropped into negative territory with 32% of voters giving him positive marks to 35% who see him negatively. Among the voters who are undecided LePage has just a 19% approval rating, while Michaud (50/12) and Cutler (39/11) both have good favorability numbers. That suggests LePage doesn't have a whole lot more room to grow.

In a two way contest Michaud would blow LePage out, leading him 54/39. Michaud has already improved from 47% of the Democratic vote in January to 63% now, and if Cutler's chances continue to fade Michaud may keep moving closer to the 84% of Democrats he gets in a head to head contest with LePage. - PPP, 8/27/13

PPP surveyed 953 Maine voters between August 23-25, 2013. The margin of error was +/- 3.2%.  PPP notes that LePage's latest remarks about President Obama hating white people has helped taken a hit with his approval numbers.  47% of Mainers do believe LePage made the comments to 30% who think he did not.  The poll also finds that 62% of voters in the state feeling that he brings Maine 'national embarrassment' to only 33% of voters who disagree with that. 88% of Democrats, 60% of independents, and even 30% of Republicans think LePage is making the state look bad to the rest of the country.  PPP notes that the only way LePage can win re-election is if Cutler getting at least 30% of the vote given LePage's stuck needle in the 35% range.  But that looks like it's not going to happen.  

LePage is one of the most vulnerable Governors in the country and he's so embarrassing that Maine voters aren't going to allow a three way race to help him get re-elected.  Lets help Michaud take down LePage next year by helping fuel his campaign.  You can sign up and donate here:


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