Hi all, its been a while since I was here, struggling with some personal issues but I wanted to pop in now I am back some and give everyone an update on my beautiful Lovey that so many helped me pay for her medical bills.

For those who don't remember I found her in my "hot box", a four foot high box with a heat lamp and shelves and thick plastic curtains to the ground for the ferals in winter. She was trying to eat by sticking her head out of it and catching bits of kibble that fell near her and I realized she had been in there an awful long time and never ran from me like the others when i opened the door (its right by patio door).

I looked in and this little gray kitten (about 6 months) was looking up at me in fear and I noticed some poop lying on her tail. Obviously something really wrong. So I took her in and to the vet who at first said it was a flesh wound (to be honest she was so terrified and in such pain that he didn't get much of a chance to do a good exam and the wound looked horrible) but back at home I noticed her limp was off and seemed worse so the vet referred me to the surgeon who found one break right away and then said we have to terminate her pregnancy -and boy are spays expensive there- so will do xrays when she is under and he called me to suggest euthanizing her because she was so "busted up". She had 3 breaks, both legs were broken and she has a broken hip. I flipped into hysteria and just said i can't i can't.  He called me back later that afternoon and had done a 180 after watching her for longer after she came out of the ansasthetic and consulting with a couple of others (great thing about these vets is there are 17 on staff) and said she might be in pain for longer but given the age of her breaks there was no guarantee he would make a big difference with surgery -and i saw the xrays they were awful, not simple breaks- yet he thought cage rest for a month might do the trick if we kept on top of her pain with a couple of pain killers, narcotics and anti inflammatory for cats.

So long story short she did well and a month later he said "let her be a cat now" and she had her freedom to become a house cat. She limped but then so do many of us people and we can be happy and I thanked everyone here.  Since then her progress has been amazing.

She now runs everywhere, has almost no detectable limp, just on her bad days...and she is still healing bc she also had a torn achilles tendon which takes forever. Her bad days she sounds like thumper the bunny, it doesn't slow her one iota, just makes her thump her leg down. She is still on the anti inflammatories each day to be sure she is comfortable and I have some narcotics if she seems really uncomfortable on a given day but rarely have to use them.

The silly girl even jumped from my bed to a tiny windsill then would try to walk the wall up and then fall down 5 feet and try again so we put a board up the length of the window with another one down to the dresser so she could go up the ramp and chase flies in the window without falling down on her back legs.

You all made this recovery possible. Even though she didn't have surgery on her breaks the bill was still over a 1000 dollars with all the costs and medication and termination etc. I didn't have it (they are good in letting me pay off but I need something to start with and its still more than I can afford-its more than I get a month) and you guys came through.

One other thing, she has become the most affectionate little girl and after my loss of Misty in November to cancer, she has filled that hole in my heart..not replaced it but filled it with her love. She likes to sleep on my feet when I am at my desk and play with me. She loves her medication and goes running ahead of me to the bedroom at medicine time and jumps on the bed and tries to take the syringe to suck as I fill it.

So another thank you from me and Lovey, Kossacks are the best and during my depression lately I kept thinking of you and it helped me feel better.

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