Soon to be in the Kos Katalogue Bootie Pads is a 15x15 cotton pad with double batting to make your seat more comfortable. If this size is not suitable for your needs please contact me for a special order.

Boothie68 at gmail dot com should access the PayPal for ordering. The shipping appears to be $6.00 a unit for standard shipping. Making the total $26.00 for US shipping. Pay pal link sorry my mobile device will not let me pick up the embed code for embedding a payment button.

Please choose from one of the ready made ones below or let me know your color and pattern preference and I will see what I can provide.

The yellow and blue one in photo three has some imperfections so it will not be available with this batch. Also in photo three the first floral was made from two cotton fabric samples and was pre-grommeted so I went ahead and added three ties to position it to a ladder back style chair.

Folded to show reverse fabric.

Photo 1:


Photo 2:


Photo 3: both blue/yellows in this image are no longer available. Since it is a popular combination I will be making more.


Photo 4: Top multi colored pad and butterfly are spoken for.


Ideally I will in time raise money for one of these:

iMac Concept

Or at least get a small amount of savings for my immediate needs. But I do need to get off this mobile device as I can not do enough reading and writing with the limitations of such a device.

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