David Cameron, Prime Minister has recalled Parliament for a debate tomorrow on the growing Syrian crisis.

Originally the parliament was to debate a motion that authorised any measures necessary in response to the chemical attacks.

This has been walked back by the government:

Earlier, the UK presented the UN with a draft resolution authorising "necessary measures" to protect Syrian civilians.
Labour opposed this suggested motion, bringing about the very real threat that the government might be defeated. Labour suggested that they would offer an amendment to the government motion:
Before the motion was published, Labour put out its own amendment, saying it would "only support military action involving UK forces" if various conditions were met - including allowing UN weapons inspectors time to report to the UN Security Council.
The result is that the parliament will discuss a motion that deplores the actions of the Syrian government, but crucially the British will now wait for the Weapons Inspectors to make a full report before the matter is debated again.

The British government is, in the view of this Diarist, taking a measured and thoughtful view of this matter.

It is time that Congress was convened so that the American government could afford its legislators the opportunity for a debate, and its people the chance to hear it.

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