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Tonight’s diary will be somewhat short, as I am still in the process of completing a move I made last Friday. Admittedly, when you move only seventy-five minutes south, it’s not like going cross-country. Still, I’m relieved that it came off well … and advance preparation helped.

I have lived in the Connecticut River Valley (along the border of Vermont and New Hampshire) for most of the past twenty-five years, and have grown to love the area. Alas, I lost my job at Dartmouth College’s medical center (DHMC) - where I had worked for a dozen years - back in 2011, when they had a major downsizing. And this past February, the small firm that hired me in 2012 also cut staffing.

Mercifully, I was hired this past May …. but at a company which was a fifty-five minute drive south. That drive isn’t bad in the summertime: 95% of it on (lightly-traveled) Interstate highways, leaving when the sun is out in the AM (and also when returning home in the evening). But that isn’t something I want to do long-term ... and especially not during the New England winter.

So I sought a new place to live, while commuting for a time. And given my experience the past few years: before moving, I wanted to be sure my new employer was a good fit. My new boss (and her manager) were delighted that I would not require relocation expense, and needing only two days off to actually move.

I found some good condo and rental properties along the outskirts of Keene, New Hampshire – also a college town (though Keene State College doesn’t have the same caliber of guest speakers, conferences and concerts that Dartmouth College does). With only a twenty-minute drive, the commute is OK and with (again) light traffic. And the place I wanted had mid-August availability, which would allow me to:

a)      Make sure I felt comfortable at my new employer
b)      Have ample advance time to throw-out accumulated junk, and
c)      Have a week to begin some advance moving of items.

In my youth, friends could help one move solely with a U-Haul rental truck (as long as there was enough beer/pizza promised).  But in one’s mid-50’s ….. well, there’s not enough beer in the world to persuade others to pitch-in. So I contacted a local mover (that we used for storage and moving at DHMC) who were able to squeeze me during a busy stretch on a Friday that was neither at mid-month, nor at month-end. They have a minimum charge which – if I played my cards right – I could avoid exceeding, by doing all of my own packing ahead of time.

And that I did over the past few months, although there’s only so much you can pack in advance without having to live on a subsistence level. Still, I was able to bring five boxes of books, DVD’s, CD’s and the like to keep at our office storage bin. And I grew to like my new employer; seeing familiar practices (I am to handle construction projects and major leased equipment accounting) so I felt comfortable signing a lease on August 15th.

Over the next few days, I was able to stuff my vehicle with clothes and other items to drop-off at my new place (before returning home) and also using a Rent-A-Wreck van to transport messier items (snow tires and the like) on the Saturday before.

That left Thursday of last week for the final push. After some appointments that morning (returning the cable/Internet boxes, saying goodbye at some familiar food stops, hair salon, etc.) I began at 1:00 PM ….. knowing the movers would arrive at 8:00 AM the next morning. I was a bit nervous; skipping one last trip to the Salt Hill Pub (in favor of getting delivered Chinese food) just to play it safe.

And at 9:45 that night …… I finished. Whew; so much to do and worrying I’d be up long past midnight … but it came off. Plus, I had just the right number of boxes; everything had a place.

More luck: the following day saw excellent weather, the movers were two personable fellows who were able to load my furniture/boxes on in less than 90 minutes – with some help from myself.

I still have some boxes stacked to the ceiling, and I still have some sore muscles and scrapes on my hands/arms. But I have the Labor Day weekend to finish, and I have quite a bit more closet/storage space than I did before.

Truth-be-told, I wish I was still at DHMC …. but such is not the case, and for all of my worrying .... things have worked out well so far.

Back to some more profound Top Comments diaries going forward ... for now, let me close with my Cheers & Jeers song for the week: So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star - not the original version by The Byrds, nor more celebrated cover versions by Tom Petty, Pearl Jam, Patti Smith or Bon Jovi .... but instead, the earliest known cover version of the tune (dating back to 1968). This was a British band (which featured Jeff Lynne, who morphed it into the Electric Light Orchestra later in the 70's). But at the time, they were known simply - and appropriately for this diary - as ... The Move ....

Now, on to Top Comments:

(Nothing from the field tonight .... this is where we need your help).

And from Ed Tracey, your faithful correspondent this evening ........

In the diary by PeteInTx about the arrest of a woman (at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport) with gun in her carry-on luggage .... namely, the wife of Ted Nugent - radabush worries about the fallout as the result of a conviction - yet 88kathy manages to sympathize with Mrs. Nugent.

In the front-page story about the Montana judge who handed down a 30-day sentence to a rapist because the victim 'was as much in control of the situation' as he was - annieli makes a comparison to a failed GOP candidate from last year.

And in the diary by OnlyWords about the Sabbatus, Maine resident who was peeved to receive a visit from the Secret Service for a Facebook post about President Obama where he says to "Shoot the [N-word]" - and who (incidentally) may lose his town positions following an emergency meeting tonight - a baffled commonmass delves into the man's rationale after the fact ... and comes up wanting in the end.

August 28, 2013

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