Hey everyone!

Since Congress is still on break and won't be back in session until Monday, September 9th, I will be going on vacation.  I had this planned way in advance.  I will be heading to Philadelphia tonight and spending all day Friday there with my brother and a few friends.  I will then be heading down to the Jersey shore for the whole week to work on my tan and spend time with the family.  I'll be back in Los Angeles the evening of September 8th and will continue with my diaries.  I'll try to squeeze in a few on my vacation if I have some down time.  Don't worry, I will at least have one more diary today before I head out.  

By the way, I keep track of which state races I have written about the most each month.  The 2014 Oregon U.S. Senate race diaries dominated for three straight months, January, February and March.  Minnesota based diaries about Al Franken, Michele Bachmann and Mark Dayton won April.  The Massachusetts special election dominated May and June and Pennsylvania based diaries won July.  So far it looks like Pennsylvania based diaries are going to dominate this month.  We'll see.

Thank you all for reading my work.  Your kinds words and appreciation continue to motivate me to write these diaries.  Have a great Labor Day weekend!


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