Last Thursday, as we headed into a Labor Day weekend, fast food workers—the vast majority of whom either work holidays or don't get paid—held another one-day strike. Thursday's strike was a new high for the wave of low-wage worker organizing, with workers in 60 cities walking out. It's so inspiring to see this kind of direct action, especially in an industry that had been thought to be basically immune to worker organizing. The workers have a long fight ahead of them, but they're determined and their movement is spreading. Let's check out some images of their fight.

27,000 #Vegas fast food workers make on average $9.67/hr. "It's not enough to live on." #829strike http://t.co/...
Where every congresswoman should be: Jan Schakowsky marches in solidarity w/ fast-food workers: #829strike @edshow  http://t.co/...
Workers from 37 East Bay locations (Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC, Wendy’s, Subway, more!) are striking! #829strike http://t.co/...
More strikers in more cities below the fold.

Awesome crowd in St. Louis today because #lowpayisnotok #829strike #fightfor15 http://t.co/...
So much love & solidarity & support for #829strike here in Peoria where workers & community @fightfor15 http://t.co/...
Standing up for dignity. Los Angeles. #829Strike #829StrikeLA #FightFor15 #FightFor15LA http://t.co/...
And that's just six cities out of the 60 where workers walked out.

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