Leaving our campsite in the Apgar Campground in Montana’s Glacier National Park, we hiked less than a mile to the Transportation Center. After a short wait, we caught one of the big busses which took us up to the Avalanche area. Here we transferred to a small bus for the ride up the Going-to-the-Sun Road and to the top of the world. Logan Pass at an elevation of 6,640 feet (2,026 meters) is the highest point on the Going-to-the-Sun Road. According to the Park Service:

Waves of yellow glacier lilies pushing up through the snow are quickly replaced by a variety of alpine plants adapted to this harsh, but spectacularly beautiful, habitat.
Shown below are photographs of plants taken from the top of the world.

9984 photo DSCN9984_zpsbd6f922e.jpg

9985 photo DSCN9985_zpsee1b47da.jpg

9987 photo DSCN9987_zpsc134d1c1.jpg

9988 photo DSCN9988_zpsaa40edfd.jpg

9989 photo DSCN9989_zps7a778def.jpg

9992 photo DSCN9992_zps36cdc528.jpg

9997 photo DSCN9997_zps0472eff9.jpg

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