I've always, in one way or another, eaten "off the beaten path." I was raised in a natural foods vegetarian household, and even though I don't hold to either of those standards as an adult, I still eat strangely, compared to the "norm" for Americans. I had this brought home to me recently after a trip to the book store and adventures with calorie counters.

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For example, my standard go-to milk substitute due to my food allergies and weight loss goals is SoDelicious unsweetened coconut milk. It's 45 calories per eight ounces, and while it's fatty...it's 45 calories per eight ounces. Try finding another milk sub with those stats.

(Standard disclaimer: I don't work for their company, don't get any money by mentioning their product, etc.)

It's not listed in any calorie counting database I'm aware of. I looked in a bookstore and on-line, and it doesn't exist. At best, it lists either straight from the coconut or canned coconut milk, which is much higher-calorie.

That brought home to me that I'm still an oddball when it comes to how I eat. It's not necessarily a bad thing; as Mark Bittman points out in his book, Vegan Before Six, the Standard American Diet is just SAD.

What do you eat that other people don't? How do you vary from the SAD?

Today it's back to 140 again. I've been deeply hungry all week, and have tried to eat a little more in consequence without going back to my old bad eating habits. How are you doing?

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