Long did I dream about having a dog, but I waited until I retired so I could be home to love and train one.  I picked a Corgi since they are long-lived and not too big and have the happiest grin most of the time.  My dream dog turned out to be an independent thinker!  

Thursday!  September 5, 2013  (Happy Birthday, Sis!)

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"I will have to think about what you want me to do!"
My dog Diesel doesn't sit at my knee and await my command. He thinks carefully before doing anything I ask, and makes requests when HE is ready to do something.  I have managed to get him to do a few tricks for a food reward.  

My partner didn't teach him to speak when it is time to make the last potty run of the night, instead he taught him to say "out".  If partner forgets, I will hear a quiet "ooow?, ooow?" next to my head in the middle of the night.  He only makes that sound for potty.

"Maybe I can run away from that chewed-up sock!"
He also has a behavior we call a "guilt run".  When he has had a little time to remember he shouldn't be chewing on a sock, or something he liberated from the trash, he starts running from one end of the house to the other, back and forth, until we catch on and "punish" him.
"Did you forgive me yet for being naughty?"
He used to get put on the landing behind the basement door when he was naughty, kind of like time out from his "herd".  Now he tells us he has been naughty, so we take him to that door, use the "What did you do?" voice and shake a finger at him.  Then we let him go to his safe spot for a minute and after that, he is called and "forgiven".  

I read that Corgis don't train well with negative punishments, and I believe it.  If he has actually been bad, he will hide and feel guilty for hours unless we "forgive" him.  We don't want him to feel sad, he is our happy companion!  Now that he is three, he  doesn't do very much that is naughty, except if there is something that smells really interesting in the trash; he just can't help himself, I suppose. He grew up with basement cats, and learned how to act from them!

"Basement Cat told me the best spot is up on the couch!"
"You have learned my lessons well, little corgi!"
I taught him a useless trick that seemed a natural for him;  for a treat, he will turn in a circle.  Corgi's aren't great at fetch or sit up, but boy oh boy, can they go around in circles!  He will also lay down and roll over,  and "go the other way" if we are out on the leash and he gets "stuck" on the other side of an object, he reverses direction and gets "not stuck" if I tell him to "go the other way".

I haven't had a dog in my home for a long time, but I love this silly, happy, woozle and the way he keeps my spirits up.

"Almost anything makes me happy, even snow!"
What kind of tricks do your pets to do?
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