Putin finally talked about Syria.  

Putin says it would be 'utter nonsense' for Assad to use chemical arms

From the link above:

Putin said on Saturday that it would be "utter nonsense" for the Syrian government to use chemical weapons when it was winning the war, and urged US President Barack Obama not to attack Syrian forces.

And he said more:

“If they say that the [Syrian] governmental forces used weapons of mass destruction…and that they have proof of it, let them present it to the UN inspectors and the [UN] Security Council,” Putin said about the United States.
He also said:
“Claims that the proof exists, but is classified and cannot be presented to anybody are below criticism. This is plain disrespect for their partners,” Putin said during a trip to the far eastern city of Vladivostok.
Putin is right on.   The Obama administration can not go to a war alone, ignoring the international community, based on "evidence" that cannot share with anyone else because it is "classified".

And what Putin mentioned about Assad makes total sense.   Assad was winning big time the last 3-4 weeks using conventional weapons.   He did not need to use chemicals.   But lets assume that Assad really wanted to use chemical weapons.   There is no way on earth that he would use them 1 day after the UN inspectors went in his country to investigate a previous incident.   No matter how terrible the Assad regime is, Assad is not suicidal or stupid.   He would never use chemical weapons with the UN inspectors for chemical weapons within his country.   He would have simply waited a couple of days until they were gone and then do it.   It makes much more sense that one of the various rebels groups used the chemical weapons against another group (they hate each other any way) and they did it in such way to incriminate Assad and provoke an intervention.

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