I was out shopping for groceries earlier this evening and I noticed this young woman who was at least 40 years younger than me--I expect that she was somewhere around twenty. At any rate, she wasn't buying stuff for the microwave. Based on what I saw in her cart she was looking to spend some time in the kitchen. And, sorry Beach Babe, there was some meat in her cart.

This young woman not only struck me as extremely beautiful, but she also looked very familiar. We were in the produce section and to be honest I had a hard time avoiding eye contact. I even doubled back and crossed her path a second time while avoiding eye contact.

I'm well past the age where I'm looking to pick up women in the grocery store or anywhere else for that matter, but as long as I was in the store I couldn't stop thinking about her.

That was a couple of hours ago and I'm still thinking about her and I'm nearly certain that I've seen her before and assuming that was the case why can't I remember where I saw her previously?

She was partway out of my mind while I did most of my shopping, but guess who shows up in line right behind me when I'm checking out? Right on!

I looked and for a few moments I thought to say something, but I checked out of the store without saying a word to her. Then I started asking what's wrong with you, meaning me.

Of course, as I was pulling out of my parking place this beautiful girl was leaving the store and I waited while she crossed in front of me.

This a small town and I'm fairly confident that I will see her again in which case I might just say hello, but who knows.


Should old guys like me engage familiar looking women?

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