Sign saying united we bargain divided we beg
  • Is paid sick leave killing Seattle?
    Celebrating the one-year anniversary(ish) of Seattle's Paid Sick Leave ordinance, today members of the The Main Street Alliance of Washington, a coalition representing more than 2,500 small businesses across Washington state, released a report that basically confirms that despite the business-killing socialist Hellscape promised by paid sick leave opponents, business is still booming in King County.
  • A state judge ruled Indiana's recently adopted anti-union freeloader law violates the state's constitution. The state attorney general will appeal.
  • A big organizing drive in the works:
    IAM is embarking a long-term effort to unionize some 5,600 workers at 23 North American plants run by Jeld-Wen, an international company with additional factories in Europe and Asia. The union's interest was raised after being approached by pro-union workers anxious to establish higher wages and safer working conditions, particularly at plants in Chiloquin and Klamath Falls, Ore., says Bill Street of IAM.
  • How should you understand a new study of how TFA teachers compare to other teachers? Dana Goldstein digs into the details and context.
  • Oh, look at that. That's the share of college-educated workers in fast food growing. And not because the jobs are getting better.

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