The problem with migraine attacks is that the patient’s ability to function normally becomes a challenge. The pain caused by migraine can affect a person’s opportunities to enjoy life in general and to perform tasks at optimum levels. This is why migraine patients try to explore every possible solution in order to address the condition and be able to live a hassle free existence.

Migraine Triggers

It has been observed that migraine attacks can be triggered by stimulations like heightened emotions, excessive physical exertion, and auditory, visual or olfactory sensitivity. Stress and hunger also predisposes the migraine patient to attacks. Food items like aged cheese and nitrate/nitrite containing food like processed deli meats, alcoholic beverages and MSG containing food are also triggers. Medications can also trigger attacks. Lack of or interruptions during sleep also contribute.

Migraine Remedies

Considering the triggers, changes in a person’s lifestyle, overall disposition and dietary choices should be made. And then as part of the treatment plan, doctors prescribe medications. Medications may fall into either two categories: those that stop the migraine attack (abortive) and those that are meant to prevent the onset of attacks (prophylactic).  

In most cases, patients require both types of medications. For convenience, one may obtain medicines from reputable and trusted online pharmacies. Since the migraine patient needs a steady and readily available supply of medications, it is better to stock up decent amounts of the items. Medicines obtainable form these web pharmacies can be branded or generic. Greater savings are to be had when purchasing maintenance medication for migraines online.

Understanding Migraine Symptoms

A person who experiences migraine attack feel throbbing headaches that is severe. It is not uncommon for patients to feel nauseous and have urges to vomit. There can even be increased sensitivity to sound or light. Migraine aches normally persist somewhere between 4 to 72 hours. Prior to the onslaught of an attack, there are symptoms, called an “aura”, that signify the onset of an attack. Being able to distinguish between aura symptoms and the symptoms of an acute progressive attack can make the patient decide effectively on which type of medication to take. Medicines obtained from recommended online pharmacies can either be over-the-counter or prescriptive drugs.

Aura symptoms can include the following:

1. Vision symptoms . This can include one or more of the following:
-    Blind spots
-    Flashing lights in the vision field
-    Seeing double
-    Even brief vision blindness
2. Dizzy sensations or spinning sensations
3. Compromised balance in moving about
4. Olfactory sensitivity
5. Numbness. There would be the presence of tingling sensations around the face, neck area, on the head and the arms.

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