It has gone all but unheeded, for it never strays from its shadow.

Made of fear and suspicion, half-truths and lies, the shadow is at once its most powerful and its most despicable tool, its most impenetrable fortress and most devastating weapon. Therein it has enthralled many minions, by way of intimidation, trickery and old devil greed, and they come from even the most unlikely places. They are both its ammunition and, when the time comes, its food. The unhappy people deepest and longest in the dark can barely even comprehend the light anymore, and they hate all those who still can. Much to their master's pleasure.    

For it mortally fears the light, and those who wield it.

Its origins are a mystery, a matter of coffee table debate for future generations.

Maybe some vile kind of conjuration, intoned in a lusty fervor over an unspeakable sacrifice.

Or maybe a bargain in a dimly torch-lit chamber, between a group of desperate men with elephant buttons on their lapels and a grinning figure cloaked and hooded in black.

We will probably never know the details. We like to think Republicans were present, but we can't be sure. We know that they were successful, whoever they were, to the lasting misery of this country and the world. But what actually happened will likely remain hidden. They released something of our darkest and most desperate nightmares, and for their reward they were almost certainly consumed by it.

Fools. Heedless, pitiful fools. All these things do is consume. Just eatitallrightnow. They are friends to no one. They don't do parley or long-term strategy. Their only real goal is to consume the whole of existence as much and as fast as possible.

Thankfully every day more and more people are becoming aware of it. Once you know what to look for the damned thing isn't so hard to find, for its tracks run all through our civilization. It has driven down deep roots, and asserted power wherever and however it could. In many places it has a firm grip on politics, and a great many Americans have been ensnared into its dark fold. Together they've done much to fortify themselves through our own Constitution. But recently there's been a change; they've been checked, and the people are trying to clear the air at long last. This, of course, has sent it and its minions into a blind, slobbering rage. A rage which has manifested in countless tantrums and shouting fits, slurs and half-formed rants, swelling their ire to a stormsurge of divisiveness and hatred that has been ongoing and steadily increasing in both volume and viciousness. You can almost see it careening around the country, as embodied, thoughtless chaos, or a school of starving piranhas. From watercoolers to Presidential campaigns the perturbations have been felt, causing many to either join in the filth-flinging or flee the deluge altogether.

And while this monster's influence on our once-esteemed political process does not end at the party line, only one party has totally sold out to it. Only one party bows to it openly. Only one party builds entire political operations on a tripod of its favorite tactics; bombast, confusion and lies. Only one party wantonly goads its minions into a trembling frenzy, for no other apparent reason than to divert attention from their own failings.

Only one party welcomes the darkness with open arms. The Republican party. The monster has them eating out of its hand.

In time it will consume them too, without a doubt. This thing has no scruples and no restraint once it espies an easy meal, and the GOP as it currently exists is already doomed to darkness. Without a massive and swift change their chances of escaping its ravening maw are very slim. The greater predator will feast on the lesser, and the Republicans, the party of Honest Abe, TR and Ike, will leave all light, all viability and all promise they may once have had behind. By some measures this may have already happened.

In the meantime it is trying to reach into much more dangerous territory. Democrats have become all too cozy with it, and while some have been honest, most haven't been so clear about what's really been done to our country. Many, I think, are scared to silence in the face of sheer epitomized depravity, some seem to have made some kind truce with it, and some even seem to scrape before it in their own slinking way. This from Democrats, those who should be its fiercest and most fervent opponents, has greatly enabled it and shielded it.  

THAT MUST END. We are facing the worst, most potentially destructive force our species has ever seen. Democrats at all levels must unite in calling it out, and in calling out all those who are sycophants and slaves to it.  


Many of its brood, including many Republicans, are gleefully cheering on the degradation of our country and our world, and they and their enablers need to be taken to task for every hoot, holler and whistle.


The majority of Democrats who see it but aren't already vocal about it need to SPEAK UP.


The bare few already speaking up about it need to continue to do so ALL THE TIME.


And the far-too-many who do obeisance to it need to STOP.


We must stop this thing, and end its hold on our country. Nothing but the full light of day will do the trick, and our nation turns to the Democratic party to shed that light.

The people will believe you if you would only tell them.


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