The evidence was pretty overwhelming that Ariel Castro and his two brothers kidnapped 3 girls and held them captive 10 years, beating and raping them repeatedly.  The females were confined for years, usually in a basement but sometimes handcuffed in upstairs rooms.  Ariel was quite the liar, as none of his neighbors suspected such a horrid crime was being committed.  Some even remembered him attending a neighborhood vigil for one of the victims. One woman finally managed to escape with the help of a neighbor.  The police freed the other two girls. Castro plead guilty to 937 counts and was sentenced to life plus 1000 years.  

This guy had on average another 25-30 years before he died.  Magic wand outlaw death folk aside, he would have died anyway.  California pays around $47,000 a year per inmate.  If we assume Ohio pays a similar amount, Ohio just saved $1.2-1.4 million.  Like they said in Animal House, we need the dues.

Some see this as a tragedy.  It was a tragedy this guy chose to kidnap people.  My sympathy is all with the victims.  Mr. Arias was due the minimum level of societal help we reserve for the problem that some--many I'd say--are in jail for crimes they did not commit.  

I don't see any benefit to leaving this fellow in jail, as some suggest would be a way to punish him further.  Anyone who does such things is likely well past learning to behave and sadism is not becoming.  If we could learn something from this fellow to prevent future such occurrences (they seem to happen worldwide) great.  But barring that, goodbye and good riddance.  

Now, if some guards helped the repose along, well that's a whole different kettle of fish.    

There was also a side benefit. The suicide kept various C list celebrities off my news page, for which I am thankful.

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