I went to P.T.S.D. group sessions for a long time. The leader is a lady who knows her business and forces you to deal with your issues. Once I was told I was fat. I said I was simply big boned. She laughed so hard she said "I think I wet myself." In a bathroom mirror standing sideways I saw what looked like a "Pregnant Man". I have the image branded in my brain of that stomach. I mention this because P.T.S.D. treatment meant dealing with the fact that I had to learn impulse control. Drinking was out I no longer could eat like it wasmy last meal before execution. My life style changed one hour at a time I never went on a diet but lost over 100 lbs. Running around the block was hard to watch. Man those" love handles" on my body just bounced. Slowly I worked up to 30 minuets a day. A few months later I was running an hour and then 2 hours. My head began feeling giddy and I felt emotions I had not felt in years Endorphins in your brain will give you a feeling of calm that no pill can. The Veterans Hospital had me on Lithium and other similar drugs. I have to share one caution. One morning I am running hard  and all of a sudden a volcano erupts inside my body and lava starts pouring outside my shorts. Now you don't need me to tell you what the lava was made of do you? Imagine A large man with his legs crossed trying to walk home. Of course all the neighborhood ladies were out seeing their kids off to school. The kids loved it and the Moms gave me a very disgusted look. I make It to the driveway and a car pulls up with some church ladies. They left quickly. I was advised I have "runners trots" many runners have it and I take 3 strong pills before I run. I told you about my oldest son. I have a younger son who also has Mental issues which thankfully would never hurt anyone but him. We all have issues in life. I ask for no sympathy and I wont get any, I share this with fellow P.T.S.D. folks to suggest exercise, and nutrition are things you can work on so you can see sunshine in your life. You deserve it!

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