This is the letter I sent today to may Representative Mr. Connolly, and Senator Warner and Kaine of Va.

Since they are all Democrats there may be a chance of the left swinging them to a no vote.

It has a couple of issues that probably are not included in most of the letters about Syria that might bemuse, be worth discussing, or flat out offend so check below the sleeping the sleeping kittens.

Dear ___

Please vote no on the planned attack on Syria.


This may sound to you like a trivial point but please consider it seriously.
Why have we started referring to our military personnel as foot wear?

“Boots on the ground” means Americans put deliberately at risk for their mental and emotional health, their moral values and  their lives.

How much more comfortable is it for politicians, military leaders and war mongers to devalue American life as simple, cheap disposable, boots?  How often do those boots end up standing at the foot of a grave of a soldier slain overseas.  A symbol of the “war” that we did not fight.

We wave the bloody shirt of gassed Syrian children and refer to our own soldiers as something completely without human value, or feelings, as something disposable.  

Where is our moral high ground?


We have wars to fight at home, the wars on poverty, quality of education, health care, women, the children of illegal immigrants, racism, our own homeless refugees and their children, on and on.  There is so much work that needs to be done at home.  

Should that not be where our patriotism lies?  

Should these issues not be our leaders moral imperative?


Any attack on another nation that has not just attacked our sovereign soil is an act of war.  So any attack by us on Syria is an act of war with all the grave consequences that can follow such an act.  We alone among the some 180 UN nations and all other nations of the world want this war.

Why are there no allies for this act of war?


Sec. Kerry, who I voted for and used to admire as a man of peace, scurrilously insulted the Congress and through them all peace loving Americans by using the analogy of the 1938 Munich Accord.  A horribly inaccurate and inappropriate comparison.

Though he apparently does not realize it Kerry is correct to the extend that the US stands in the stead of Germany, initiating an act of war against another nation, using much the same arguments that the Reich did some 80 years ago.

The use of this insult by the Sec. so inaccurately, renders all other arguments he makes just as questionably inaccurate and exaggerated.

Why does he feel the grounds for his justification are so poor that he needs to go to such an extreme to justify his request?


I know we have a strategic need for Arab oil.  However, the largest driver of that need is the constant need for a million man army and navy with all its modern gas guzzling equipment.

The need to fuel that military is inextricably linked to our need to constantly interfere with and thus roil the Mideast using that same military.  

Only good could flow to this nation and the world at large, if that link were weakened or broken.

Thank you for your consideration

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