I've written that I am pro intervention in response to the chemical attacks by the Syrian government on their own people, in particular, the hundreds of children that were gassed to death.  However, I have to say, that if the American people don't want to get into this fight with Syria, then I think that the Obama administration should listen.  It's not even looking like a close call on this one.  And maybe the American people are wrong, but this is a Democracy when the sentiment is this big for not engaging in military action, then I think that we should back the fuck off of it.  

Personally, I am furious at what has happened in Syria.  I am very concerned about what it means to let Assad off the fucking hook for what he did.  To me, it's like letting George Zimmerman off the hook for killing Trayvon Martin.  It seems unthinkable to me.  Both morally and for the precedent that it sets.  

But the vast majority of Americans clearly don't want to get involved in this.  I don't agree with them, but I respect their choice.  I think we will regret it in the long term, but we live here in this country together and together we make decisions about what our country is going to do.  

I hope that President Obama is looking at the reaction of the American people and changing his mind about this.  He's not king.  That means that he shouldn't act against the will of the vast majority of people.  It also means, that he's not solely morally responsible for refraining from acting in the way he judges best, because he defers to the judgement of the vast majority of people in this country.  I know that he feels that the buck stops with him and that ultimately this is his responsibility, but I don't believe that.  

So, for my part, I urge the President to change course.  Find another way to respond.

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