A protestor holds a sign condemning the Koch brothers -- energy industrialists David and Charles Koch -- at a 2011 rally in Madison, Wisc. On May 29, activists are organizing a
Extensive and astounding information has been accumulated against the Koch Brothers and their Koch Industries. I came across this Bloomberg article compiled by 16 reporters and two editors that show incredible Koch Brothers corruption, most of which I was not aware. It's an older piece (Oct. 2011) but very relevant to the efforts being made today to expose the Koch Brothers' dishonest and unscrupulous profiteering, throughout the world.


The information is so overwhelming I have continued to put it off writing a diary. It's more important to get the information out there. So this is more of a reference to the Bloomberg article and to gather feedback. I hope to see Daily Kos diarists and other news media piece out this information and relay it to the public. Some of the information is known by certain political groups, and yet many are still unaware of how big this ring of fraudulent conduct really is in the country.

Photo: Mintpress.com

Title updated to reiterate this diary refers to an older peice.

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