He said in a tragedy like this, there are many victims.

“You’ve got multiple victims, the deceased and his family. You’ve got an 11-year-old that is also a victim. You’ve got victims also in the law enforcement and medic community,” he said. “It’s a tragedy from the victim last night all the way through to the 11-year-old to the community to even the law enforcement community and the medic community also.”

Watch the video press conference as the Sheriff speaks about the multiple victims from shootings like this, especially the 11yr. old and the knowledge that no one knows how this will affect her now and later in life.

Sheriff: 11-year-old fatally shoots stepfather

September 7, 2013 - A Mooresboro man was shot and killed Friday night by his 11-year-old stepdaughter in what police have determined was an accident, Sheriff Alan Norman said on Saturday.

Bryan Scott Reno, 19, was killed after his 11-year-old stepdaughter accidentally discharged the gun he purchased earlier that day, investigators said.


He said the shooting was "absolutely an accident" and is another example of how children and guns don’t mix. read more>>>

The gun was apparently purchased legally just hours prior to the shooting from another gun owner. The step father was showing it to his stepdaughter and had removed the clip. Apparently he handed it to her after and she pulled the trigger and it went off. He never checked to see if the chamber was clear!

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