This is just a very short song that came to my head during lunch last week.
The first part is Obama making a case for war, and the second part undermines his desire for war.  I like it.

I have an idea of how I could extend it, but I think what I have now is a good enough start for publication.

I voted for Obama the first time because McCain wanted to start a war with Iran.
I voted for Obama the second time because 14 of the 17 foreign policy advisers Mitt had were neocons from W's administration (assholes like John Bolton).  

I feel so betrayed by Obama for so many reasons (Wall Street, whistle-blowers, drones)  I am sure if Dick Chaney had a heartbeat, it would be pounding loud with pride.

So it is actually with a heavy heart if publish these comedic lyrics.

Everybody look out!
Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey.  Hey, hey, hey.

If you can’t hear, what I’m trying to say
Syria should never get away
with gassing civilians
Assad’s a real villain.
He must be out of his mind.

What’s that you say, the gas was very low grade
and the rockets launched, look like they were homemade.
You say the source’s al-Qaeda.
I guess we’ll see you later
because we made up our mind.

Good War!
You know we want it. You know we want it.  You know we want it.

We want a Good War!
Don’t need no UN.  The voice of reason, sounds just like treason.

They crossed our red line!

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