When I post on twitter I usually don't find many conservatives who are very interesting to interact with; however, there is every so often a time where I encounter a conservative who's tweeting in a progressive twitter hashtag gets me thinking about the the left's messaging ability. In particular our ability to reach our opponents. Today was one such case.

A tweet from a fiery conservative has brought to my attention a problem on the Left.    While this is not the most troublesome problem the progressive movement faces, it still deserves attention by web activists everywhere from reddit to twitter.
The tweet from a conservative named Casey Kim reads as follows

"I thought leftists were against war. Where are you? Speak up, hypocrites! #p2 #uniteblue #topprog #NoBloodForO"
This is a reasonable question despite this users appetite for bashing her ideological opponents.  
    As progressives, regardless of where you fall on this debate need to do more to get this debate out there on the net.   Go to twitter, reddit, facebook, whatever is your favorite means of expressing your opinion on the internet and make the left's side heard.    
I can't express how important I feel it is to show this debate going on to the rest of the different politcal groups on the net.   It's not weakness to show division on issues such as this, as it shows that we as progressives are being careful and calculated before committing out time, money and manpower to another conflict.    
While there will be those who will be unable to reached because of how far they have gone into the various politcal movements echo chambers, making an extra effort will bring to others attention that we are not like the Right when we rushed to war with Iraq.

These are my thoughts on the matter.

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