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Today is a day filled with memories, some still recall what they were doing on that mindnumbing day twelve years ago when four planes were hijacked, two colliding with the World Trade Center, one crashing into the Pentagon, and the other crashing in Pennsylvania.  3,000 lives were lost, but millions of lives were changed.  Loved ones lost.  Strangers helping strangers.  Grief.  Outrage.  Fear.  All these things gripped our nation, suffocating, strangling, all in the hopes of tearing us apart.  However, it didn't do that, instead it inspired us to be a nation, banded together.

There was more that happened on this day - but that day was the one that still lives, still lingers in our minds the most when this day rolls around every year.  I watched the Concert for New York, that aired in October of 2001, and this was one of my favorite songs performed.

I was in my sophomore year of college when the Twin Towers went down.  I was woken by a commotion in the hallway, and immediate rushed out to the rotunda of the Ponce de Leon Hotel that serves as the girls dormotory at Flagler College in St. Augustine.  The sight of what greeted me on the big screen television was something that made my blood run cold. I watched as flames billowed from the World Trade Center.  I barely remember making it to a chair and sinking down into it, still in my pajamas.  I watched in abject horror as a city that I'd always wanted to go to, was the victim of a horrible, horrible attack.  I watched as smoke rose from that side of the Pentagon where the plane had gone through it.  I watched the smoke rise from the field in Pennsylvania.  

I cried as those mighty towers, the most memorable buildings in the New York sky line were reduced to a pile of rubble.  The next few hours were a nightmare for me, the next few days were terrifying because I remembered that I had a friend in New York, who was supposed to be visiting the World Trade Center later that day.  I received the call a few days later, they'd found his body in the rubble.  The only way that his friends had identified him was a bright, neon green rabbit's foot that I'd given him before I'd gone back to school in either July or August.  

Flagler had held a memorial for those lost in the 9/11 attacks, and I wrote a poem...

September 11, 2001 - Terror for a Nation

On wings of black
Horror hits
A strong country
Killing thousands
The bringers of destruction
Simply don't care
Their own war they wage
A government long standing
Wanted to be brought to its knees
War against countries
Peace no where close
Innocents taken in their grotesque path
Flames, smoke, screams, tears
Loves ones unsure of their family,
Unsure of their friends,
Unsure of survivors
An act of cowardice shattering the
Lives of thousands
When it is finished,
How many more lives will be
Lost, shattered, and forever changed.
On wings of black
Horror hits
A strong country
An act of terrorism.

Where were you when the towers fell?
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