This morning I had to say good-bye to a dear little friend who had gotten me through some of the worst times in my life. He was small, and not particularly intelligent, but he was loving and loyal and had the most beautiful blue eyes you've ever seen.

I adopted him thirteen years ago, when my marriage had just broken up. Barbara Gardner found him for me and said "he needs a home, you need something to make you laugh." And he did, through that lonely winter, and then through the rough times that happened. He slept beside me, purred when I petted him, and was as good a friend as anyone could wish.

His real name was Hunter Moon, sometimes called Baby Boo or Baby Blue Eyes. On-line, I called him Malfoy-the-cat. Today he lost his fight with kidney failure, thirteen years, one month, and three days after he came into this world.

I still have Gil and Diamond, and I'm going to hug them extra hard tonight. But I will be thinking of my little flamepoint friend.

Good night, Hunter, and sleep well. May you and Arrow and Siren meet over the Rainbow Bridge, and may your time there be full of sunshine, slow fat mice, and play for all eternity.

I love you.

8:05 PM PT: Thanks for putting this on the rec list.  My little guy would be so flattered.

Peace to you all.  :)

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