Yep, I'm going there:  The POTUS needs to scrap whatever he planned to say from the Oval Office tonight and emphatically declare a victory in the "Syrian Crisis".   The nation needs to hear that thoughtful diplomacy combined with a steeled resolve have brought us the exact outcome we had hoped for since we drew that Red Line months ago.  Assad has come out with hands up.   Notch another one for the Sheriff.

However, it only works to best effect if BHO uses these exact words,

... until Congress resolves to enforce the handover and destruction of Chemical Weapons via an authorization of force.  We know Reid is working on that language and can load it in the hopper for a vote tomorrow.   This is a vote that conscientious Blues can live with and Surrender Monkey Reds will have to choke down.

While my President shows how he had this, the many who will be saying tonight that Obama the Destoyer is chaffing to unleash the Hounds of War for his Military Industrial Complex Masters can hold vigils:  

- A vigil for all those who lost there lives taking the treat of Chemical death out of Syria.
- A vigil for all the treasure the USA squandered to check our adversaries on both sides of this unpredictable war.
- A vigil for all of the civilians cut down by our Imperial Might during this campaign.
- A vigil for the alliances betrayed and the bridges burned just to move strategic adversary into doing exactly what we've wanted them to do for a year.

Sweet Schadenfreude.  Enjoy it while you can but it's time to write the history before some fucking douchebag at Politico writes it for you tomorrow morning.

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