After watching the appalling "Going all Godwin" display of the last few days.

After many saying all roads lead through Moscow to get the job done

Some are trying to make this out as a peacenik coup d'etat of eleven dimensional chess by this administration?

Getting Moscow to put pressure on the Syrian regime was probably the most obvious solution out there, it is of strategic importance to them [or so they say loudly].

So basically 11 dimensional chess consists of threatening all and sundry with yet another military intervention, who ever thought it was that damn easy, we will have to change

Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.

President Theodore Roosevelt [not his originally]

Wave a big stick menacingly and everyone will come around

~John Kerry Secretary of War.

So the tactic is now

Don't wait for the UN inspectors.

Go completely Godwin.

Threaten to ignore anyone even thinking of preventing yet more death.

Start  threatening even before the weapons can be secured of the consequences. [notably the French government today]

Make crappy bully pulpit warmongering "diplomacy" the norm.


Now some are heralding this as the new improved methodology, really.

Sometimes flowers bloom on a dung pile.


1. The art or practice of conducting international relations, as in negotiating alliances, treaties, and agreements.
2. Tact and skill in dealing with people.

This definition needs updating
Diplomacy [21st century]

1. The art or practice of  international bullying through throwing around absurd rhetoric and menaces.
2. Lack of tact and skill in threatening people.

We now are going through Moscow

Who knew. Who could have foreseen.

8:31 AM PT: I'm arguing about the public face of this and the unnecessary posturing and useless rhetoric.

The form and methodology of "diplomacy" if you like.

We didn't need our top diplomat running around the world spouting garbage in public,

Anything that stops the carnage I am in the end happy about

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