Hope you've been getting excited as the day draws near. The Powwow will be a great place to meet and talk to fellow Chicago and metro area Kossacks.


I was very excited to see a notice from the AIC this week of new additions for this year

• Iroquois Smoke Dancers from Six Nations, Ontario
• Storytelling Tent -Tribal stories and Native Chicago history

Performances by:
• Mark Cleveland, Cherokee
• Cody Blackbird, Eastern Band Cherokee and Dakota Flutist of the Year by the Native American Music Awards
• Waskwane & Beedoskah Stonefish, Odawa/Ojibwe/Delaware/Potawatomi - Hoop Dance Champions 2009 & 2010

I'm really looking forward to spending some quality time in the storytelling tent!

So, our core group will be on hand at about 11:30a on Sunday at the entrance. That way we can all watch the Grand Entry together. We will be wandering about the grounds together and apart, so if you can't make it early you can make it late.  I recommend that you bring a lawn chair or some kind of sport seat as I have found seating at this event to be somewhat hard to come by.  We'll have Daily Kos name tags on and I will be wearing my Daily Kos Building Community tee- shirt. You might also recognize me by the purple streak in my silver hair.  ;-)

In addition....  it seems as I write this that I will also be at the Powwow on Saturday afternoon. Same deal only this time with my Oklahoma A.I.M. tee-shirt for which I will forever be in the Diva™'s debt.  If Saturday is the day you can go, please be on the look-out for me.  I'll probably have a camera in my face, too!

Not to worry if you didn't previously RSVP to the real boss around here - broths - you can do so in the comments below or in a Kos mail to either of us. If it turns out that you decide to go at the last minute, that's not a problem either. We'll be delighted to see you. If you're not even a member of the Chicago Kossacks Group, we'll understand. Doesn't mean we won't try to recruit you, but it's okay.

Hope to see you Sunday!

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