I admit it. We live in Kansas; aka Brownbackistan.
Oh, I am also a woman, late forties, just thought I'd mention it.
Yesterday, I think, there was a story out about the report the governor got, concerning poverty in the great state of Kansas.
Then today, right-wingers are getting their panties in a bunch over unwed women and the money they cost taxpayers giving birth.

The biggest lie ever told:
Marriage is the magic bullet to erase poverty

So, let me see if I got this right?

Contraceptives are bad, because they allows women to have sex without getting pregnant.
So, right-wingers do all they can to deny access to affordable contraceptives women use. You never see these guys coming out to restrict access to condoms. Unless of course, they are being used by anyone in the LGBT community. I know, it's confusing.

Abortions are also bad, because of ......... (fill in the blanks)

Now, would you believe it, childbirth is bad, because unwed mothers don't have good insurance and the taxpayer "gets the bill".
I guess the logic behind this nonsense is, if these women were only married to that cashier at Walmart or the guy flipping burgers at that fast-food place. Oh, no wait, they don't have any insurance either.

In their dreamworld, no one uses contraceptives, no one has abortions and only married women with good insurance plans give birth.
How this will happen? They won't tell you; it's magic, you know.

I have always wanted to ask these people what they would do if, tomorrow all of their wet dreams came true. What if all of these unplanned pregnancies were to result in a live birth, then what?
First of, how many children can we drop off with all those against contraceptives and abortion?
Short of that -
Where would these children go?
Who would financially support these children?
What about married couples unable to afford "twenty kids and counting"?
Do we start up the orphanages?
Do we punish people for having children they can not afford?
Do we forcibly marry people because of pregnancy?
Do we punish people for having sex out of wedlock?
Would we bring back workhouses for the poor and put their children up for adoption like in Charles Dickens "Oliver Twist"?
Children adopted from overseas or underground channels are already being "given up" through internet chat rooms if they become to difficult to handle. Some of the adoptive "parents" "giving away" these children seem to have little regard for their safety, just as long as they get rid of them.

So, yeah, it's a nice dream to want to live in a world where no pregnancy is ever unexpected, let alone unwanted.
The world we live in, however, is different and we all know it.
Some will think I am a heartless woman cheering for abortion, but I just happen to be a realist.
In the real world, productive, healthy, well-adjusted adults don't fall from the sky; they are raised by loving people who really wanted to be parents.

So, all you right-wingers, take your pick!
Oh, and don't get me started on the whole opposition to same-sex partners adopting.

So, please, please stop talking out of both sides of your mouth!

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