The day started off fairly cool but with three days of dry and increasingly hotter weather since the last rain the humidity was fairly low. But quickly the sun muscled it's way through the morning respite and tamped down the last vestiges of delightful chill.

Heavily the heat forced itself into your consciousness and then became the overwhelming concept if one strayed out of doors.

The chickens spent the day doing their usual scratching the ground but stayed close under the hedges as to attempt to avoid the stifling warmth. Even fresh juicy watermelon rinds were not enough to coax them away from the safety of the cooler bushes. It wasn't until the sun was well past it's apex before they would venture near the fruity delights. And then they would peck slowly and savor the nectar before again bending down to snap their beaks upon the sweet husks.

Incalescence made breathing laborious as the scalding air rapidly dried the respiratory tract and amazingly came out even more torrid creating a greenhouse in even the smallest darkest spaces. The load of sultry air became thick enough to cut as the day began to wane and the sun lost its altitude but not its intensity. Nay, the orb seemed to cut even more deeply upon the skin as it neared the horizon.

Ascertaining the projected weather did little to provide relief as the sun dominated the future and rain was relegated to a hope in the next few rotations of the earth.

The cats melted like an abstract painting across furniture, tiles, and the floor under fans. Looking as if they had been poured into place by a hasty chocolatier and moving nary a muscle until rousted by the rudeness of a human.


Just hot and bored and thought the subject should be vented.

Originally posted to PDX Metro on Wed Sep 11, 2013 at 07:04 PM PDT.

Also republished by DKOMA.

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