Kids playing Robot Turtle
This is so very cool:
Seattle entrepreneur Dan Shapiro thought parents might dig a board game that taught pre-schoolers the basics of coding, and boy was he right. He put it on Kickstarter Sept. 3, and it hit its funding goal in five hours.

Shapiro designed the game, Robot Turtles, for his 4-year-old twins, and took time off his job as CEO of Google Comparison to share it with the world.

“Teaching [my kids] to program a computer is the single greatest superpower I can give them,” Shapiro wrote. “I made Robot Turtles so that my kids could learn programming basics without needing a computer. In fact, they don’t even need to be able to read.”

Here is the pitch video he made for Kickstarter, which explains the board game:

Considering the Kickstarter project has (at the time of this post) raised $223,461 of the original $25,000 goal, it looks like it won't long before his Robot Turtles are available for all.

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