Tea Bag AsshatteryOkay, shit just got weird.

There is a Facebook page called "Keep America American". I'm not entirely sure quite what that title actually means, but I'm coming to expect less-than-deep thinking from these (pejorative) people.

Whatever ... because I ride motorcycles, and live in America, specifically Oklahoma then from time to time some dubious characters escape my filters and find their lumbering way onto my friends list. It all gets sorted out in a wave of acrimony, but in the meantime I see stuff like this.

I wonder about the title of that Facebook page mainly because I see on the page that they are very fond of the Constitution of the United States of America. They say so. Indeed, one rather silly graphic holds up a copy declaring "This is the only permit we need". Permit to do what I'm less sure (I think it had something to do with penises guns).

What baffles me a bit is that they don't seem ever to have read past the title. Maybe they can't ... read. Who knows. Anyway, had any right-winger able to string a couple of sentences together happened to drop by, then surely they would have patiently explained that the said document actually describes "America". Maybe "Keep The Constitution the Constitution" didn't fit as a title.

So amid all the stoopid, why is twigg getting annoyed, I hear you completely failing to ask?

Well that graphic. The one right there that you cringed at when you opened this Diary. I'm sorry, did "irony" die a horrible death, and I missed it?

Let's go back a week shall we. Let's further suppose that I went onto a Tea Party supporting Facebook page and announced that, henceforth, Vladimir Putin had cogent things to say about the United States, and we should all listen to him, because he is the oracle, arbiter of all truths!

If jbou writes another damned Diary, I might have to Hide Rate him for being ironic in a post-irony world.

ps. I don't think Socialism means what some of them think it means. The problem is, you need to read books and stuff to actually find out, but that's another Diary.

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